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Super Mario Party™


Super Mario Party: The Ultimate Party Experience, Now with Online Play!

Super Mario Party brings the classic board game fun to the Nintendo Switch, now with exciting online play features!


Online Board Game Mode: Compete with friends or family online in the iconic Mario Party mode, turning the tables and collecting stars.

80 Minigames: Enjoy hilarious and diverse minigames, playable online** or locally* with friends and family.

Multiple Modes: Choose from various modes like Solo Challenge Road, cooperative River Survival, and rhythmic Sound Stage.

Local and Online Fun: Play solo, with friends locally*, or party online** with friends or in private matches.

Unique Features: Utilize character-specific dice blocks, pair two Switch consoles for interactive tabletop gaming, and experience the joy of classic board game competition.

Super Mario Party offers endless fun and laughter for everyone, making it the perfect party game for any occasion!

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