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How to Purchase

If you’re new to Nonstopgg or unsure how to buy a game, this guide will help!

Registration is optional, but lets you manage your keys and offers easier. Simply click “Register” and fill in the information. After email verification, you’re good to go! Subscribe to the newsletter for deals and news.

Ready to buy? Browse by category, price, popularity, or platform. Once you find a game (or bundle) you like, click on it to see the product page. Double-check the platform and regional restrictions before buying. Choose the product and click “Add to cart” if you want to keep browsing, or “Buy now” to proceed to checkout.

Review your order and apply any discount codes you might have received through the newsletter. Next, choose your preferred payment method from Nonstopgg’s many options and complete the payment details. Once the payment is successful, you’ll receive a CD key to activate your game or a code of your gift card. You can find the key in “My Library” (if registered) or in the confirmation email. Check Nonstopgg’s guides for activation instructions specific to your platform.

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