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Splatoon™ 3


Embrace the vibrant world of Splatoon 3, a colorful shooter bursting with action and style.

Key Features:

Dive into Turf War: Splatter your surroundings and dominate the battlefield in 4-on-4 online battles.

Become an Inkling: Master unique abilities like Squid Surge and Squid Roll, and choose from a variety of inky weapons.

Fresh and Fashionable: Customize your character with stylish gear and accessories.

Ever-Evolving Content: Experience rotating items, seasonal updates, and exciting Splatfest events.

Cooperative Fun: Team up with friends to conquer Salmon Run mode or tackle the solo story adventure.

Splatoon 3 offers an explosive mix of action, strategy, and creativity, perfect for seasoned players and newcomers alike!

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