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Destruction AllStars

Product description

Strap in for explosive vehicular mayhem in Destruction AllStars!

This fast-paced, arena-based combat game throws you into the heart of a thrilling, global sport. Master the art of destruction, both on foot and behind the wheel, to dominate the competition.

Key Features:

Intense Vehicle Combat: Use timing, tactics, and skill to unleash devastating attacks and cause colossal amounts of damage.

Parkour Prowess: Dodge attacks, take over vehicles, and disrupt your opponents with acrobatic parkour moves.

Heroic Abilities: Power up your AllStar and unleash their unique, game-changing abilities.

Diverse Roster: Choose from 16 unique AllStars, each with their own personality and playstyle.

Unpredictable Mayhem: Experience free-flowing action with dynamic environments and unpredictable situations.

Embrace the chaos and become the ultimate champion!


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